mardi 16 février 2010

BBC search for 2mn documentaries

The BBC - BBC World TV and World Service radio is looking for 2 minute documentaries from audiences everywhere. Someone wins a prize and some entrants get to see their work on the BBC. They also get their work looked at by distinguished curators from around the world.

The contest is called MyWorld and all the details are here:

mardi 9 février 2010

Africa World Documentary Film Festival in BARBADOS

Africa World Documentary Film Festival,

Feb 18-21 2010 at EBCCI Cinemateque.

Last year’s first Africa World Documentary Film Festival met with such a warm welcome from the Barbados audience that it’s become an annual event. The second Festival will take place from 18-21 February in the Cinemateque of the Errol Barrow Centre for Creative Imagination.

AWDFF is the result of an international partnership between the Center for International Studies at the University of Missouri, Saint Louis and the Department of Language, Linguistics and Literature, UWI, Cave Hill. The AWDFF sees documentary filmmaking as having a special role to play in capturing and representing the lives and cultures of the people of Africa and of African descent worldwide. This year, there will be 25 films set in South Africa, Cuba, Brazil, Jamaica, Senegal, Ghana, Guinea, Haiti, Dominican Republic,
Rwanda, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Kenya, St Croix, Mali, Rwanda, Ivory Coast and the USA. Dealing with subjects from disability to empowerment, genocide, loss and redemption to creativity against the odds, the documentary format shows us the many ways we define ourselves and the multiple uses of film.

Through the Festival, not only are film-makers from Africa and the diaspora in dialogue, but so are audiences in St Louis and Barbados. So that the St Louis Director and his team, as well as the local curators, can exchange views with the audience, discussion time has been built into the programme. Screenings run 6-10 on Thursday and Friday, 2-10 on Saturday and 3-10 on Sunday.

The full programme is available on

Or: and click on AWDFF