lundi 15 mars 2010

My little booklet Once upon a time aimé Césaire

This is it, here is the english version of Once upon a time Aimé Césaire: a Martiniquan Poet.
This booklet is for young readers and students, just to give a flair of the man and artist, just to tease the curiosity and provide a minimum of information to young generation and english speakers who do not know about him.

All the books of my publishing company based in ST Lucia are printed in 3 languages: english, french and spanish - now communication and distribution are the challenges. If you know about any education institution interested in providing appropriate and cheap material to students... please contact me.

the booklet is available for sale in bookshops in St Lucia and soon in the region (working on it !) - but you can contact me if you want some. (12$EC/3€/ 4SUD)

next step after the french and the english version, the spanish one !
for a more integrated caribbean.

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